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Think about your daily routine.  Have you ever thought about how many toxic chemicals are in your beauty/personal care products?  How about your cleaning products?  The list goes on...   
Be Well can help you on your natural journey by replacing many toxic chemicals with therapeutic-grade essential oils and products.   Curious about your products?  Find your answers and more @

Customer Testimonials

"I take the Thieves and really like it for all the reasons it says. But an unexpected surprise is that I use it like lotion on my hands and it lasts for days. Unlike regular lotion that you keep applying and applying." -Sheila S
"Be Well and Shari have really opened my eyes to all of the uses of natural essential oils. I didn't really 'believe' that oils could replace many of the products that I was using until I learned more from her. Essential oils can be diffused to make your home smell good, they can be added to carrier oils to enhance your health, and so much more. I LOVE putting lemon oil in my sparkling water because it gives it flavor without the added sugar of other products. Oils, like lemon, help with weight management too. Win-win!" -Kali C.

"My family uses Young Living oils everyday.   They have slowly replaced our medicine cabinet and chemical cleaners.  My favorite oil is Thieves.  The entire Thieves line is amazing.  During the cold/flu season, I put Thieves on my feet everyday or a drop on my toothpaste for that extra dose of immunity.  I use the Thieves Spray when I travel or while at work, and Thieves Cleaner has replaced the strong smelling, chemical filled cleaners.

To help with relaxation, I use lavender!  Shari makes an amazing Epsom salt bath soak with lavender that is so relaxing.  I also use Peace and Calming.  It has an amazing smell and works great at calming our busy boy or his anxious mom.  We use peppermint oil to help ease tummy troubles and lemon to flavor water.

Shari is so helpful and knowledgeable about the oils.  She has recommended oils for pain, bladder assistance, stress, etc.  She custom makes sugar scrubs (that are tempting to eat), bath soaks and delicious smelling blends to diffuse or spray around the house!" - Ashley W.

"I start off each day with some eucalyptus essential oil, a few drops in my bath water followed by a few drops on a diffuser bracelet to savor that calming feeling all day! Another favorite is bergamot, I find this smell very earthy and comforting. Oils are a great addition to overall self care." -Jamie H.
"I was introduced to Young Living essential oils about a year ago.  These oils are the absolute best when it comes to purity and strength, so a little goes a long way!  I use Thieves to ward off germs when traveling, shopping or anytime I've been in public.  A little bit of lemon oil in water is my daily drink, and it is so refreshing.  I rub a little Lavender on the bottoms of my feet at night and sleep sounder than ever before.  Knowing they are non-toxic and pure, plant-based oils also gives me peace of mind.  I cannot say enough great about these products!" -Kathy F.

"I am also a believer in Essential Oils and Shari!  I asked her for some help with my arthritic hands and she mixed a soothing mixture of oils (Copaiba and Cool Azul oil) for me that is really soothing. Love my diffuser too!" -Linda M.

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