Shari's Story

Hello!   My name is Shari L. Kelley.  My introduction to essential oils has been intermittent over the past decade.  It began with my massage therapist (and friend).  She educated me on how to use essential oils for “seasonal” relief.  Because of these oils, I was able to get away from prescription drops, daily Claritin, nightly Benadryl, constant sinus infections, and countless trips to my doctor and pharmacy.   

For years, I was unable to use my hot tub spa due to eczema flare ups from the hot tub chemicals.  My friend and cosmetologist told me about Geranium oil.   We had a period of  some trial and error which resulted in the addition of one more essential oil.  We now have a chemical free hot tub spa that gets used almost daily.   Not only is the tub chemical free, we've also saved hundreds of dollars in chemical costs.  

In 2014, I had severe nausea and vomiting from anesthesia following a hip surgery.    Pharmaceutical medication wasn't helping.  The nurses gave me cotton balls with lemon and peppermint essential oils. The outcome absolutely stunned me.   I love the integrative medicine approach of Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and am thankful for it!  This experience kept the fire burning in me to learn more about essential oils. 

After countless hours of research, I learned that just like pharmaceutical medicine, essential oils can't be touted as a cure, however millions of people around the world have discovered the benefits of pure essential oils, derived naturally from plants since the Mesapotamia Period (3500 BC).  I also discovered in the research that inexpensive essential oils are often synthetic, adulterated, or unethically sourced, which is why I chose Young Living Essential Oils.  Research shows that more is NOT better when it comes to essential oils.  There are restrictions especially in pregnancy, in animals and in children.  It has been extremely gratifying seeing and hearing the benefits my friends and family receive from essential oils and the support they've given me on my journey with Be Well. When essential oils are used properly, the benefits are endless. Cooking and baking with essential oils is so awesome - so tasty - so beneficial. 


I find working with essential oils spiritually, mentally and physically rewarding.  My mission is to educate and help others who want to decrease the amount of toxic chemicals in their lives and reap the rewards as I have.

Be Well's Story

Shari created Be Well Essential Oils to share her mission, which  is to educate and help others who want to decrease the amount of toxic chemicals in their lives. 

Using Young Living Essential Oils, Shari offers hand-crafted seasonal products, as well as made-to-order products upon request. 

If you would like a hands-on experience creating your own hand-crafted products, schedule a "make and take" for you and your friends. Choose from any of Shari's "make and take" recipes or get ideas from Pinterest!

If you would like to order your own Young Living Essential Oil products, email Shari.

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